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All-round solution for media analysis and for brand and reputation management. Keep tabs on how your organization and your competitors are being reported on in online and offline media.

Newspapers, blogs, tweets, online news reports, trade publications, news agencies. Media analysis and reputation management is becoming ever more complex, partly thanks to the rise of fast, accessible social media such as Twitter and Facebook. You need to be able to get all the relevant information about your company, product or service on your computer screen, both information from national and international newspapers and “the voice of the customer” heard through social networks, blogs and Twitter. Would you also like to obtain direct access to information on news reports about your competitors and customers’ opinions of their brands, products and services? To monitor trends, track the media impact of campaigns or carry out further research? To share information with the right people in your organization at any time and in any format?

The LexisNexis MediaPortal offers precisely this information and these functionalities. All of it is visible on your screen, at a glance. Efficient and effective.



LexisNexis monitors a large number of international websites. You can also add specific websites that are relevant to your organization. We analyze only the information that is relevant, disregarding any advertising etc., enabling you to avoid noise and save time.

Social Media

LexisNexis tracks social media such as blogs, forums and news¬groups based on our own “influence rate” method. Criteria such as number of people posting on a blog, number of visitors and network growth, are used to determine the importance and ranking of a blog. As a result, you are able to follow 200 of the most influential blogs in the Netherlands.


LexisNexis offers access to news and articles from more than 13,000 regional, national and international sources. This means that you are assured of reliable, ethical journalism and information from newspapers, trade publications, journals, news agencies and news magazines.


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